My friend for life is always there
My friend for life will always care
about the things that worry me,
about the times when I can’t see
that things around aren’t quite as bad,
the things that make me lone and sad.

My friend for life won’t ever judge,
or critisize, or hold a grudge.
My friend for life will never tell
my darkest secrets, never sell
me out to those who wish me hurt,
to those who try to dish the dirt.

My friend can always talk to me,
about the things that she can see.
The things that make her scared to go
to places dark and deep below.
To places only we two know.

My friend for life knows who she is,
My friend for life my heart I give.

shartoll-light.regular (40)


Words not said

No need

She felt his happiness

he sensed her pain


Just a glance

No more

She saw his anguish

he witnessed her joy


Two minds joined

As one


He was her soul mate

she his inspiration




Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (4)
He looked from afar
not knowing whether or not
she felt the same
She glanced from a distance
afraid to reveal
her feelings for him
It was meant to be
it never was

shartoll-light.regular (2)


There’s a very fine line

between friendship and love

But how do you know

if you’re below or above?

A brush of a hand

Her breath on your cheek

When she looks in your eyes

Does your heart miss a beat?

I’ve crossed that line

I wonder if she

Feels some of the magic

That’s happened to me?




The beach looks different today

The sea the sky the waves are grey

Pebbles now are hid from sight

The shore a sheet of dazzling white

I hear a laugh I see a child

throwing snowballs running wild

There a puppy leaping high

chasing snowflakes in the sky

I look around, I love the way

the beach looks different today


Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (5)



in a corner


tears flowing

down her cheeks


mind searching

for a reason



why did he leave




now all gone



curled in a ball



ignore her

it’s like




Let me read to you

shartoll-light.regular (36).png

She sits and stares
unfocused eyes swimming to the horizon
Gazing into infinity
No sign of tears
Her expressionless face an empty canvas
A sea of pallor

I look into her eyes
I see nothing but a swirling mist of grey
That sparkle gone

I try to ask her why
a cloud of despair envelopes her
She hears me not

But I will wait
I’ll stay by her side for as long as it takes
for her to return

But for now
She inhabits a sorrowful place of her own

I know not where


Let me read it to you


shartoll-light.regular (38)

I heard a voice, a soft voice
Follow me it said
Suddenly from the gloom
A girl appeared
What do you want? I said
Follow and you will see she said
I said I don’t want to
She said You must

She ran down a dark street
Occasional streaks of light
Revealed her tear stained face
Hurry, please, she said
Faster and faster she went

I can’t keep up I said
Hurry she said
I’m losing you I said
Then she disappeared

Where are you? I called
It’s too late she cried
What did you want? I asked
It’s too late she sobbed

I guess I’ll never know


Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (37)

She was staring into space
focusing on nothing at all

I asked her why
She said because

Her eyes were filled with tears
Which trickled down her cheeks

I asked her why
She said because

Her brow was heavy with sadness
Her face etched with sorrow

I asked her why
She said because

She knew that I was leaving
She knew it broke my heart

She asked me why
I said because