shartoll-light.regular (38)

I heard a voice, a soft voice
Follow me it said
Suddenly from the gloom
A girl appeared
What do you want? I said
Follow and you will see she said
I said I don’t want to
She said You must

She ran down a dark street
Occasional streaks of light
Revealed her tear stained face
Hurry, please, she said
Faster and faster she went

I can’t keep up I said
Hurry she said
I’m losing you I said
Then she disappeared

Where are you? I called
It’s too late she cried
What did you want? I asked
It’s too late she sobbed

I guess I’ll never know


Let me read it to you


shartoll-light.regular (37)

She was staring into space
focusing on nothing at all

I asked her why
She said because

Her eyes were filled with tears
Which trickled down her cheeks

I asked her why
She said because

Her brow was heavy with sadness
Her face etched with sorrow

I asked her why
She said because

She knew that I was leaving
She knew it broke my heart

She asked me why
I said because



shartoll-light.regular (8)
You whispered something in my ear
so softly I could hardly hear
You stroked my face as you passed by
as soft as silk your touch, but I
could not see you as you danced through
the trees and leaves, elusive breeze
Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (35)

Don’t speak
Words will only steal the moment
Your breath
the beating of your heart
says more than words could say

Be still
as my eyes feast on your beauty
Your satin skin
tinted by the sinking sun
is how I will remember you

Watch not
as I melt into the night
All I ask
is for a place in your heart
as you will have in mine


Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (33)

I sense silence. Yet all around I hear the sounds of nature. The shingle crackles and grates under my feet, the rhythmic whoosh of the waves fills my ears and the shrieking of a hundred gulls gives a voice to the deserted shore line.

Here I am alone. Yet my companion, this hidden secret beach, is here to wrap me in splendid seclusion. I am alone but I share my very being with the raw edge of nature.

Here I hear my own voice, though silent. Here my thoughts surround me. Here I am at one with myself yet enveloped by a greater force, one which allows me the freedom I crave whilst lifting me out of myself and cradling me in glorious isolation.

The beach is ever changing. Some days filled with wrath, others tranquil and calm. Some days the sea is an enigmatic aqua, another as grey as granite. I look toward the horizon and see my life uncharted. What lies beyond? Who can tell?

But here I can be myself. Unquestioned, unchallenged. Here I can think, consider, compose.


Let me read it to you

shartoll-light.regular (31)
Slipping in and out of the shadows
hiding in dank doorways
sliding into view when a car appears
Dressed to allure, revealed to tempt
She came here on a promise
from her home overseas
Lured by a job, a flat and a future
Little did she know what awaited her
Concealed at safe distance
her sinister pimp skulks in the shadows
watching his terrified victim
plying his loathsome trade
One day she will disappear
Unknown, anonymous, a number
She will be replaced by another
then another then another and another
shartoll-light.regular (18)
‘Twas Christmas Eve and three men died,
and climbed the stairs to heaven.
But when they knocked on Peter’s gate
He said they’d have to sit and wait.‘
It’s Christmas Eve, I need my rest
My annual holiday’,
They pleaded, begged down on their knees’‘
tis Christmas help us please..’
‘OK’ said Peter, ‘here’s what I’ll do
I’ll set a test for all of you.
If you can give me festive cheer
Then there’s a place for you in here’
The first man thought and suddenly
His cell phone rang and rang.
St Peter said ‘that sound will do
I’m going to let you walk on through’
‘You see’ he said,’ it sounds like bells,
bells on Christmas day
Come on in, sit right down
You can wear my pearly crown’.
The second man lit up a fag
He lit it with a match
‘That’s great’ said Peter,’ that will do,
You can come on in here too!’
You see he said, that’s just like lights
Lights I had at home.
Like Christmas candles on my shelf
You’ve taken me outside myself.
The third man wondered what to do
His mind was just a blank.
Then he remembered what he did
That caused his heart to shoot it’s lid.
He plunged his arm into his bag
And rummaged through his bits.
Then held his hand up really high
and waved a thong up in the sky!
‘That’s not festive’ Peter said
‘It’s intimate apparel’
‘It’s Christmassy’ the dead man said’
‘Because this thong is Carols!’