shartoll-light.regular (12)

My room is dark
Save two flickering candles
To show the way

I sit outside my door
In the oppressive heat
of a mid summers night.
All around pitch black
Not a light to be seen

Then a blinding dazzling shard of silver
Assaults my eyes
And a thunderous crash
Shakes me to my very soul.

I look toward the ocean
Nothing I see until once again
the heavens illuminate the scene.

The sea millpond calm
Glistens for a second
Then once again is gone

Without warning
A torrent of rain
Comes crashing from the sky
Roaring, hissing, bouncing high
Like so many bejewelled coronets
In the lightning’s glare

The smell, that sound
The power, that majesty
Lasts but for a short while

Then is gone



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