shartoll-light.regular (27)
I’m looking for a key.
One which will open the secret of a life I seek,
but cannot find.
The key to total happiness.
I’m trying to find the key in which to sing my song.
The key which will carry my melody.
The key which everyone can reach,
so we can all sing in in harmony.
I’ve lost a key.
What happened to the key to my box?
The box of treasures which I am saving for the day
when I need to remind myself how lucky I’ve been.
Please help me find my key.
Somewhere there is a key to break my code.
The code I was given in the cradle.
The code which explains who I am and why I’m here.
The key to me.
My arch of life would be nothing but a pile of bricks
without a keystone to hold each side in place.
One small stone, which if removed,
would send my life crashing down around me.
I have a key which winds my clock.
The clock within me.
I must look after my key.
my pendulum of life will stop.
Key means vital, fundamental,
Basic, main and quintessential.
Key means major,
key means crucial
My keys to me are ever central.

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