shartoll-light.regular (22)
I used to have a ginger cat
First friend I ever made.
Got squashed outside my house one night,
I scraped him up with a spade.
I had a friend at junior school
I called him Sunny Jim.
One day he took off with my girlfriend
That’s the last I saw of him.
When I got my first job
I made a friend of my boss
We fell out when he sacked me
That made me awfully cross.
When I left home to work away
I shared my flat with mates
But they were always in the way
And ruined all my dates.
So when I got my own place
I had a friend called Jane,
She let me down –
I threw her out..
I went to live in Spain.
I made a friend in Barcelona
A Spanish Senorita
At least that’s what I thought she was
‘til I found her name was Rita.
Let’s find a friend I said one day,
a friend I can rely on.
A friend that I can take to bed
A friend that I can lye on!
I got a local paper
Wrote a ‘lonely heart’,
I waited for the telephone
New friend, new life, new start.
I got a date, hooray I said
I’ll keep her if I can
But once again my plan went wrong
Turned out to be a man.
All my life it’s been the same
Friends have let me down.
Girlfriends, wives and drinking pals
White ones, black ones, brown.
But now I have a real friend
Someone who knows my mind
Someone who thinks like I do
Someone who’s really kind.
A friend who’s always by my side
A friend who’ll never flee
A friend who knows just what I want
My new best friend is me.

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