shartoll-light.regular (21)
Spears of silver sunlight
Shoot through naked trees
Lighting up the leaf-strewn lane
that flickers in the breeze.
A squirrel scurries cross the track
A rabbit sits and stares
A pigeon sways upon a branch
A red fox stands and glares.
High in the sky,
unbroken blue, a perfect vee of geese.
On a distant hill a flock of sheep
Wrapped in winter fleece.
Red holly berries, mistletoe,
Ivy climbs stone walls.
Dormant plants and sleeping flowers
Wait til springtime calls.
November days, brief spells of sun
Evenings front a fire of logs
November nights of crackling frost
Misty dawns and frozen bogs.
Winter’s here
Spring can wait
Now’s the time to hibernate.

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